Friday, October 31, 2008

Dr Appt, U/S

I had my first OB appt on Wednesday the 29th. Everything went all fine and dandy. They drew some blood, I got a pap, and blood pressure taken. My family history was taken, again. My Dr. tried to find the baby's heartbeat on the doppler, but she couldn't. I wasn't surprised since I didn't get to hear Matt's until I was 15 weeks. I asked if she could do an u/s really quick just to be sure things were ok. So, she pulled out her u/s machine, and tried to find the baby, and she couldn't. She said that we could probably see the baby on a vaginal u/s, but she wasn't very good at doing them. I was never really worried, I just wanted to make sure that they baby was ok, so I asked if she could make an appt for me at the hospital to get one done there. Before she did that, she checked my uterus from the inside, and found that that I have a retroverted (introverted) uterus. Who would have thought? I had no idea, and am surprised that it wasn't found during my pregnancy with Matt. Anyways, so she goes ahead and makes the u/s appointment for me.

I get to the hospital the next morning, and the tech tried to find the baby via abdominal u/s. Couldn't really see anything, although I could see the gestational sac, just no baby. So, he did a vaginal u/s. That's what I needed! We could see the baby very clearly with a gorgeous heartbeat going at 167 bpm. The baby measured a bit ahead, so the tech said that by measurements, baby was due 6/9. The Dr had me at 6/10, so very close. I thought I was due 6/12, but I'll go with the 9th. Anywho, baby measured 3/4" long, and looked a little alien like still, but beautiful.


99 Balloons

This is a video montage of a beautiful little miracle named Eliot who despite having Trisomy 18, defied all odds and lived 99 days.

You're in Gods arms now, little Eliot.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Good fun hunting

I went hunting with Leonard this weekend. I didn't buy myself any tags, so I couldn't shoot anything, but I went along for the fun of it anyways. One of his friends, Justin, also came along for the hunt. We got up super early, so thankfully my parents were able to watch Matt overnight Saturday so he and they didn't have to get up early. It was a great day. Nice and sunny, but a tad windy and cold. As long as we were moving I was good to go in my t-shirt, long sleeve, sweatshirt and jeans with long johns underneath. We split up, so I was with Leonard, and Justin went off on his own. Leonard and I were hiking along, and we start to hear this huffing noise. We stopped and waited. Leonard did his deer call. Pretty soon, 3 whitetail does come out of the trees and walk right up to us. It was so great! The doe in the middle even stomped her feet at us a few times. They finally ran off after a minute or two of staring at us trying to figure out what we were. I had the hardest time not laughing at them just standing there staring at us. We then started to hike some more, and soon we see two deer running across the top of the mountain that we were climbing up in front of us. I told Leonard to go ahead and chase after them because one was a buck and there was no way that I would have been able to keep up with him. So off he went, and I hung out by the road. I did have my rifel with me, and I was glad that I did. I started to get all paranoid, and all I could think about were bears and mountain lions. Especially sine Leonard had a ML hiss and growl at him a year or two ago. Scary! Pretty soon, I hear a shot fired, and then some more were fired. I started to get worried, since they were consecutive and I thought maybe Leonard got mauled by a bear or something and was "calling" for help. Thankfully, being on top of a mountian provides great cell phone reception. So I called him, but he didn't answer. My phone rang after that and it was Justin. He said that he shot a Bull Elk, and that there was another one with it that took off. So, I called Leonard again, and turns out he shot that other elk! He was so excited. He's never gotten an elk before, so this was paramount. It turns out, the elk was 700 yards away, and he was so excited that he missed the elk the first 5 times that he shot, and the last one took the bull down. Also, both elk were about 1/4 mile from each other when they went down. The bad thing about it though is that we were maybe about 4 miles up a mountain and away from the main road. Getting one elk out is a pain in the butt, but now we had two to try and get out. So, we called a friend up to help us get the animals out. He came and brought three friends with them. Get this though. They shot the elk at 11:30 am. We didn't even get out of there and back to the truck by 8:30 pm. It took forever! They had to skin and quarter the meat, and then de-bone it. Lovely. I'm suprised I didn't puke from the stench. Elk are some stinky animals. Oh, and the great part? One of the guys that our friend brought with was a total pot head. He was high the whole entire time we were up there and kept taking hits off of his pipe. It was great fun trying to walk out in the complete dark with a kid that's totally ripped. He kept saying all he does is get high. I thought it was pretty sad that his whole existence is based off of getting high. I'm so glad that I've never done any drugs.

Anyways, I'm so happy that Leonard got an elk. Our freezer will be full of meat and it will probably last us for the whole year. Let me just add that while he do hunt for fun, we eat every animal that we take, or we donate it to the food bank. I know some people aren't pro-hunting, but we are. This post kind of got all wierd. But I need to leave now. My SIL asked me to pick her girls up from school, and they are almost out.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Signs, Signs

The newest trend of my area is to take a piece of plywood, and spray paint some sort of rant/memorial to your pet that was hit by a car; and then hang the sign up somewhere near your driveway for all to see. This really bugs me. I don't mind the ones that say, "Fido, hit by a car 3/28/08, gone, but never forgotten." Or something like that. The one that really rubs my goat is one that says this, "To whoever hit my cat: The max speed limit is 45 mph. Slow down! Speed Kills. RIP Max 5/26/08" The reason why it bugs me? The person that hit that cat was actually my sister. And no, she wasn't speeding. The ditch is deep, and has tall grass. The cat just darted in front of her, and my sister didn't have time to stop to hit the poor cat. In my opinion, if you really didn't want your cat or dog to be hit by a car, then keep them off of the road! I have hit and killed 2 dogs. The first one I hit, I actually saw it dart across the road about 1/4 mile in front of me, so I slowed down so I wouldn't hit it. Well, guess what? I ended up hitting the dog. Even though I was slowed down, he darted up from the ditch right in front of me. I was going slow enough that I tried to swerve around him, but he was trying to get out from in front of me and ran the same way that I swerved, and I went right on top of him. I bawled my eyes out for that poor dog. The second one I hit was the same scenario, except I was going like, 55-60 mph, and I didn't even see the poor dog. I didn't even have time to react it happened so fast. There was another time where I almost hit a dog. I was going to school in the am and the roads were icy and it was still dark outside. I was speeding (bad idea on icy roads), and my headlights weren't great to begin with, but there was some fog also. I was driving along, and then there was a dog right in front of me. I freaked and swerved and hit a telephone pole. I was *this* close to hitting a power box right next to it, and if the pole hadn't been rotten, it would have landed on my car. That is why you never swerve for animals in the road. You have a better chance just hitting them, as sad as that is. Anyways, off my soap box now. Point is, if you don't want to risk the chance that your friend might be hit by a car, then keep them in a fenced yard, in the house, and off of the road.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Crap it's cold.

We're supposed to get snow. Snow! Are you freaking kidding me? Don't get me wrong, I *heart* snow, but I'm cold. I don't like driving on the snowy, icy roads. I don't like how it gets dark at 4 pm and is dark until 9 am. I hate daylight savings time this time of year. I'd rather gain an hour than lose one. At least I love Thanksgiving and Christmas, and those are right around the corner!

*I changed the title name because it wasn't me. Crap is more of something that I would say, so that's what it is.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Blog Revamp

I got tired of how my blog looked. That, and I'm bored at work, so I got to it. I think the background is so pretty and chic, don't you? Now, I just need to find a nice b&w pic of Matt to put up in the header. Or take a new one. We'll see.

I just realized that today was my due date for Matt. I can't believe that a tiny bit over a year ago, my sweet precious baby was placed on my chest. I still can't get over it. *sigh*

I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed concerning my schedule. I only work 2 days a week, but those days are hectic. Tuesdays and Friday I do child care for the gym I work at at 8:30 am to 10:30 pm. So, I have to get up at 6:30 and get myself all ready before I wake Matt up and get him ready. It screws with his whole schedule. He usually eats breakfast about an hour after he's up. But, when we're at daycare, he's too busy and forgets. Even if I try to feed him, he won't have anything to do with it. Too many things to do and kids to play with! Then, after day care, we go home and I feed Matt a brunch, and try to get him to take a nap since he's exhausted by then. After I successfully or unsuccessfully get him down for a nap, I get him ready to take over to my moms so she can baby-sit. I try to be at her house by 12:15 pm. I then have to go work in the gym in the office from 1 until 6 pm. That is my work schedule. Then, on Thrusdays, I go over to my sisters house and watch my niece for her so she can go to work. I do that from 3 pm until whenever her husband gets off. I'm just so use to not having to go do anything, that I feel like I don't get any "me" time or anything. I really only have Mondays and Wednesdays all to myslef and Matt anymore. Weekends are usually busy since Leonard is home and he's not a stick at home kind of guy. So I only get two days a week to do whatever I want on my own (Matt's) time. I miss not having to work. Oh well, at least I won't have to work again in...oh...eight months.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Just got back from Salt Lake City

My mom, grandma and I all drove down to Salt Lake to visit my little brother and his wife in Layton. They are about 1/2 hr from Salt Lake. LB is in the Air Force, and that is where he is stationed. Anyways, we left Thursday night and got to Dillon, MT which is about a 1/2 way point at around 11 pm. Matt was a dream! He's such a good little traveler. We arrived in SLC about 3 pm Friday afternoon. What a long drive! We went shopping and LB showed us around SLC. The capital building is so pretty at night! It's lighted up and it looks amazing against all of the other buildings. We saw where the Utah Jazz play and also the Mormon temple. Which was also pretty. You have to give the people credit for having nice architecture even if thier religion is all fucked up. Monday we left for home. We drove for 11 hours. Yuck. Matt was wonderful as usual. He didn't even have one meltdown until we were only 20 mins from home. I did end up puking in the backseat of my parents truck though. Damn morning sickness. My mom couldn't pull over fast enough on the interstate. I did end up being able to keep most of it in my hands and mouth. No more traveling without a puke bag while pregnant!

Friday, October 3, 2008

I guess I've been tagged.

So, the 7 random facts about me are:

* I'm a distant relative to JFK. He's a cousin on my maternal grandpa's side.
* I love my mornings at home, and am so resentful to anyone who makes me get up and do something in the morning. Be it a Drs appt or work. Be afraid. But I do like to get up early. Or I feel I'm wasting the day away in bed.
* I loved the newborn stage, and I love the stage that Matt is in now. If I could have fast forwarded from 0-3 months to 8-12 months, I totally would have.
* I like my in laws, but I'm not so crazy about them at the same time. They are great people, but they live like slobs, and that's all that I can think of when I think of them. Their disgusting messy house and how they let their 27 yr old daughter and her 2 kids live with them and trash their house even more. I find it seriously disgusting, and in my mind, if they really cared how they lived, they'd do something about it. Anyways, enough about that.

The other three:
* I'm proud of the fact that I've only been with my husband. But at the same time I *kind of* wish that I would have slept with just one person other than Leonard just to see what's on the other side of the fence, you know?

* I have a very very dirty mind. I have a certain sick talent of turning anything that people say into something dirty. I'm naughty. :)

* I'm pregnant! Yay! Due June 12th 2009!