Friday, April 3, 2009

Our couches are here!

They are lovely, and are so worth every penny that we spent on them. When the delivery guys brought the first piece into the house, Matt was all excited and just had to sit on it, and run back and forth on it. He has a hard time getting up on the couches, because the leather is slippery when he has pants and socks on, and he can't get good traction. So he gets pissed and wants you to put him up on the couch. I'll have to get pics up, but first I need to remember to take them. :)

Other news:

I have to go to the Dr every two weeks now for appointments. Where in the hell did the time go? I still have to take my GD test. I'll do that on Monday before my appointment. And I'm 30.5 weeks! Time has literally flown by. But, at least I know the sex of the baby, so I can start getting prepared clothes wise. I actually had a celebratory shopping spree on Gymboree and Childrens Place websites, and spent way too much money. But hey, the girls clothes are so cute, I couldn't help myself. :)
My lovely husband will be able to stay home for a couple of weeks! This will be the last weekend that we have to say goodbye to each other for awhile. It'll be so nice to have him home finally.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


We have this old, nasty green couch that was a multiple hand me down. It was Leonards sisters SIL's first, then it went to his sister, then it went to us. So it's pretty beat up and, well, old. We had to give away the loveseat when me moved back home from moving to another city a year and a half ago. So we're dealing with a couch right now. No recliner, no nothing. Well, during President's Day, we went to Ashley Furniture and decided we were sick and tired of our old nasty green couch, and we bought a lovely reclining leather set. The furniture was 4-7 weeks out though, so we were told to not expect it until then. I finally got a call last week from the lady that sold us our new couches, and we scheduled a day to deliver the new set. They will be here tomorrow! I'm so excited to get rid of the nasty green couch. It will be so awesome to be able to have a place for people to sit when they come over, and for when Leonard is home, he can be a couch hog all he wants; since I can go sit on the other couch! I'll have to post pics of them when they get here, and we get the old nasty green one out.