Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Matt Baby!

Dear Matthew,

Yesterday was your 1st birthday! I still can't believe I'm the mother to a wonderful one year old. Time has gone by so so fast. I remember trying to get pregnant with you. It took a good year and a bit more until we were blessed to see that you were on your way. I loved being pregnant with you. Your kicks and poking your butt out were the best things ever. I so enjoyed giving birth to you. It was the most beautiful moment when a year ago, I heard you cry and you were laid on my chest for the first time. I looked into your wide open eyes and immediately fell in love. The year went by so fast, and included some trials, and more triumphs. You learned to smile, laugh and sit up. Then came some walking, then crawling, and now more walking. You grew into the most handsome little boy I have ever seen. You are silly, and like to play games with mommy all the time. You love it when I say "Sponge Bob!", and burst into a fit of giggles whenever I do. You are also very sensitive. You can't even look at some people without bursting into tears, and if mommy and daddy raise their voices even a little bit, you start to cry. But, you are also the most loving, and snuggly little guy. Your favorite thing to do is to come to bed with mommy after you wake up and we snuggle while you enjoy your bottle. And you get so excited when daddy gets home from work. It just melts my heart. Matt, you are the best little boy that I could have ever asked for. God really did break the mold when He made you. I love you sweetie with all of my heart.


Friday, September 12, 2008

Kisses and haircut

Matt has learned the cutest thing ever! He blows you kisses! His timming is a bit off, but he's pretty good at it. He'll kiss his hand and then kind of wave it. Then he'll do it again. How sweet. ♥

Matt also got his very first haircut on Saturday. I really wanted to wait for his birthday to cut it, but it was getting so long that I could put it all into a pony tail. That and I kept pulling it on accident. So, here is a pic or two:

Friday, September 5, 2008

Holy cow batman.

Internet was never turned on, pooh. Thankfully, I just happened to find an unsecured wireless connection that I was able to logon to. The connection is shoddy, but hey, it works!

Nothing new going on, same ol same ol. Just thought I'd update a bit.

Matt has learned a few new tricks. He can now click his tongue, which is huge for him. He was never able to play and experiment with his tongue as a newborn, since it was tethered. Now that it's free, he can play with it! I even saw a glimpse of it sticking out of his mouth for a fraction of a second yesterday. Hooray! You know when you go "ahhhhh", and you tap your hand over your mouth and it breaks up the noise? I don't know how to describe it. But Matt figured out how to do that all by himself. What a silly boy! Oh, and a gross thing that he has learned. He found the dog food, and he won't stay out of it. I've had to on an occasion fish a piece of food out of his mouth. Then the little goof graced me with dog breath for the next hour courtesy of the dog food. Gross.