Friday, October 24, 2008

Signs, Signs

The newest trend of my area is to take a piece of plywood, and spray paint some sort of rant/memorial to your pet that was hit by a car; and then hang the sign up somewhere near your driveway for all to see. This really bugs me. I don't mind the ones that say, "Fido, hit by a car 3/28/08, gone, but never forgotten." Or something like that. The one that really rubs my goat is one that says this, "To whoever hit my cat: The max speed limit is 45 mph. Slow down! Speed Kills. RIP Max 5/26/08" The reason why it bugs me? The person that hit that cat was actually my sister. And no, she wasn't speeding. The ditch is deep, and has tall grass. The cat just darted in front of her, and my sister didn't have time to stop to hit the poor cat. In my opinion, if you really didn't want your cat or dog to be hit by a car, then keep them off of the road! I have hit and killed 2 dogs. The first one I hit, I actually saw it dart across the road about 1/4 mile in front of me, so I slowed down so I wouldn't hit it. Well, guess what? I ended up hitting the dog. Even though I was slowed down, he darted up from the ditch right in front of me. I was going slow enough that I tried to swerve around him, but he was trying to get out from in front of me and ran the same way that I swerved, and I went right on top of him. I bawled my eyes out for that poor dog. The second one I hit was the same scenario, except I was going like, 55-60 mph, and I didn't even see the poor dog. I didn't even have time to react it happened so fast. There was another time where I almost hit a dog. I was going to school in the am and the roads were icy and it was still dark outside. I was speeding (bad idea on icy roads), and my headlights weren't great to begin with, but there was some fog also. I was driving along, and then there was a dog right in front of me. I freaked and swerved and hit a telephone pole. I was *this* close to hitting a power box right next to it, and if the pole hadn't been rotten, it would have landed on my car. That is why you never swerve for animals in the road. You have a better chance just hitting them, as sad as that is. Anyways, off my soap box now. Point is, if you don't want to risk the chance that your friend might be hit by a car, then keep them in a fenced yard, in the house, and off of the road.


Elana Kahn said...

I'm so excited to see that you're pregnant again!!! Congrats!! By the way, on the side bar, you may want to change "Matthew is born" to 09/07 instead of 09/08 :-D

And thanks for your post on my blog!

Sarah said...

right on! As a pet owner, it is your job and duty to keep your pet safe.

You should make a sign saying "RIP, sorry you had such bad owners".

And congrats on being KU'ed!

Shauna said...

Thanks Elana and Sarah!

Elana, I'll change Matt's bday right now. I didn't even notice that. :)