Friday, October 31, 2008

Dr Appt, U/S

I had my first OB appt on Wednesday the 29th. Everything went all fine and dandy. They drew some blood, I got a pap, and blood pressure taken. My family history was taken, again. My Dr. tried to find the baby's heartbeat on the doppler, but she couldn't. I wasn't surprised since I didn't get to hear Matt's until I was 15 weeks. I asked if she could do an u/s really quick just to be sure things were ok. So, she pulled out her u/s machine, and tried to find the baby, and she couldn't. She said that we could probably see the baby on a vaginal u/s, but she wasn't very good at doing them. I was never really worried, I just wanted to make sure that they baby was ok, so I asked if she could make an appt for me at the hospital to get one done there. Before she did that, she checked my uterus from the inside, and found that that I have a retroverted (introverted) uterus. Who would have thought? I had no idea, and am surprised that it wasn't found during my pregnancy with Matt. Anyways, so she goes ahead and makes the u/s appointment for me.

I get to the hospital the next morning, and the tech tried to find the baby via abdominal u/s. Couldn't really see anything, although I could see the gestational sac, just no baby. So, he did a vaginal u/s. That's what I needed! We could see the baby very clearly with a gorgeous heartbeat going at 167 bpm. The baby measured a bit ahead, so the tech said that by measurements, baby was due 6/9. The Dr had me at 6/10, so very close. I thought I was due 6/12, but I'll go with the 9th. Anywho, baby measured 3/4" long, and looked a little alien like still, but beautiful.


Cate said...

What a beautiful sight! Any feelings toward boy or girl this time? I have a feeling it's another boy. I'm so glad you have a healthy beany in there!

Elana Kahn said...

Very cute!!! Congrats again!

Shauna said...

Cate, I think it's another boy. But I'm really hoping for a girl this time!