Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Getting closer!

I'm officially 36 weeks (and one day, lol)! I can't believe that in a matter of a few short weeks I'm going to have a new, sweet precious baby again. I'm so excited to meet my little girl and dress her up in all the clothes I've gotten her. I've started to take EPO (evening primrose oil) to help soften things up. I started it around this time with Matt, and he was born at 37.5 weeks, and my l&d with him was only 5 hrs long. I'm hoping for the same results. :) And, I'm hoping for some progress at my next appointment, which is on Monday.

I also had to get rid of my beloved dog last Thursday night. Jack, my Blue Heeler. He's been so great with Matt, that it was a totally unexpected thing. I was talking on the phone with my mom, and Matt was standing next to Jack. Out of the corner of my eye, I see Jack whip his head around and kind of growl and wip and then nip out at Matt. He didn't get Matt at all, thank the Lord. But that was it. I couldn't risk it. So my mom and dad took him. I'm just thankful that Leonard was out of town at the time, or Jack would have been put down right on the spot. Jack is a great dog, just not a great kids dog apparently. The good thing is is that my dad actually wanted him, and they can easily separate him from Matt when Matt comes over. They have a basement, so they can just put Jack in the basement. And no other kids go over to their house. I'm sad, and I miss my dog. But I'm glad I was able to give him life. And I can go visit him. But, it's better this way. Especially now that we'll have two kiddos to look out for in the very near future.

Hmmm, what else has been happening? My little brother and his wife are expecting their first. When I found out, I'll be honest, I wasn't too incredibly excited about it. They've only been married for a year, and they only dated for a month before they got hitched when they were 19. And the reason for wanted to get pregnant? SIL wanted to get pregnant before her 17 yr old sister. What a reason to get pregnant, right? They live in Utah, so the closest family that they have is her family, and they are in Idaho Falls. And all of my brothers family is in Montana. I'm just worried that they get a really tough baby with colic and have no help or breaks. They need to do a ton of growing up still, and I just hope that they can get it together before the baby comes. I'm ok with it now, and hope the best for them. I'm just worried, that's all.