Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I've been, well, MIA. The inlaws quit paying the internet/phone/tv bill, and didn't ask us for money to help pay for it, so it all got turned off. I was only interested in the internet, since we don't mooch off of the tv or of course the phone. Just the internet. We pay for our own tv and we have our cells instead of a landline. I think that my FIL finished paying for the $300 bill the other day (they let it go for 3 months), and now we'll see if it all turns back on. I guess he just went ahead and cancelled the tv, and the internet is still not turned back on. So maybe he cancelled that to? I have no idea. So until we get our own internet (which I would love to do), or theirs gets turned back on, I won't be on much.
In other news, I'm looking for a j-o-b. I need to get out of the house, and the extra money would help out a ton. Hopefully I'll find something mother friendly, and schedule friendly.