Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Just got back from Salt Lake City

My mom, grandma and I all drove down to Salt Lake to visit my little brother and his wife in Layton. They are about 1/2 hr from Salt Lake. LB is in the Air Force, and that is where he is stationed. Anyways, we left Thursday night and got to Dillon, MT which is about a 1/2 way point at around 11 pm. Matt was a dream! He's such a good little traveler. We arrived in SLC about 3 pm Friday afternoon. What a long drive! We went shopping and LB showed us around SLC. The capital building is so pretty at night! It's lighted up and it looks amazing against all of the other buildings. We saw where the Utah Jazz play and also the Mormon temple. Which was also pretty. You have to give the people credit for having nice architecture even if thier religion is all fucked up. Monday we left for home. We drove for 11 hours. Yuck. Matt was wonderful as usual. He didn't even have one meltdown until we were only 20 mins from home. I did end up puking in the backseat of my parents truck though. Damn morning sickness. My mom couldn't pull over fast enough on the interstate. I did end up being able to keep most of it in my hands and mouth. No more traveling without a puke bag while pregnant!

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