Saturday, November 29, 2008

12 week Dr. Appt

I had my 12 weeker on last Wednesday. It was a good appointment. I lost 4 lbs (yay!) and got another u/s. My Dr. couldn't find the heartbeat, which was totally expected as I didn't get to hear Matt's until I was 15 weeks due to tilted uterus. So, she busted out the u/s machine, and there was my little munchkin! S/he must have been sleeping, because there was no movement, except for the flicker of the heart of course. Just beautiful. I didn't get a pic though, since the machine didn't have any film in it. Boo. Oh well, the sight is engrained in my heart and mind! Oh, and the baby had super long legs! Maybe baby is taking after daddy? We'll see I guess!

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