Friday, November 14, 2008

Head cold

I have a horrible horrible head cold. I bet I sneezed a hundred times today, my nose is plugged up and running at the same time, a massive headache just came on, and I have a bit of a cough. I only hope that Matt baby doesn't get it. Then life will be very miserable with two of us sick. Thankfully Leonard is gone for the weekend, so hopefully he won't catch my cold.

Since Leonard is gone, I'm going to spend the weekend at my parents house. I'm actually pretty excited! My mom and dad are just awesome, and I don't see them as much as I'd like to. So this is a perfect opportunity for me to spend a ton of time with them. While I'm there, I am going to walk next-door to see my grandma, who I also don't get to see enough. Yay! Then I'll probably go to church with my mom on Sunday. I don't go as often as I should/want to, so it'll be nice to hear the Word of God and sing Him praises!

Not being able to go to church as often as I'd like/should comes from marrying someone of a different faith than you. L was born into a very predominant LDS family. He now doesn't believe in the religion itself, but does thankfully still believe in the Holy Spirit. I'm a non-denominational Christian. My way of faith is so different from his, that he shuns it. Not my faith, just the practice of it. Make sense? It's confusing. He thinks it's weird to hold your hands up in the air to God and to sing and dance for Him. Hopefully he'll come around before it's too late. I love him dearly, but Lord help him.

On to lighter subjects,

I work at a gym. I just sit on my tush in the office and do a bit of cleaning and towel folding. There is this old guy that just grates my grits and everybody else's when he comes in. There is a tv in the lobby that is for the use of kids whose parents are working out, but they aren't members or are too young to be in the weight room. The weight room and lobby are connected. This old guy comes in, turns the tv onto CNN, and turns the volume up full blast. He then heads over to the XM and turns it off whether anyone is working out or not. The rule of the gym is you are only allowed to change the music channel, or turn it off if other members are ok with it. This guy doesn't care at all. If there's a room full of people working out? Screw them he thinks, and he saunters over and turns it off. There was an incident last year when this dude did this at a very busy time of the night. Off went the music and on went the tv. A guy came into my office and complained about it, so I had to of course go say something to Mr. Rude. This was during a time when I was pregnant with Matt, and I just came off of bedrest for some blood pressure issues. So I go and talk to Mr. Rude, and he starts to yell at me. I could feel my bp just going up and up. I told him that the tv was for kids, and if he wanted to watch tv, he could go into the cardio room where there is no music and just tv's to watch. He said that he had every right as a member to listen to the tv while in the weight room. I was so so mad. I decided he wasn't worth my time or my baby's health, so I gave up. I told the complainer that I tried, and to duke it out with him if he wanted to. Whenever this guy comes in, I remember the incident and I get mad all over again.

Another little work story, I was organizing the magazines, and I was throwing away some old ones. I look in the garbage, and I see that someone has throwing the new issue of People away that has Obama on the cover. Ha ha! Funny stuff. Being the good employee that I am, I retrieved it and put it back with the other mags.

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