Friday, January 16, 2009

I'm -so- boring.

Nothing new going on here! Just trying to make it through every day until the weekend rolls around and Leonard is home for a couple of days. Life can be rough as a single parent, so hats off to those of you that do it all of the time! I love my kiddo, but sometimes I could really use a break, and I can't have one, because there is no one to take over for a bit. At least those times are pretty few and far between since Matt is a pretty easy going kid.

Last Tuesday, I took a nice fall down some stairs with Matt. So not fun. I don't recommend it, FYI. I was going down to my parents basement, which is unfinished, as are the stairs. I had Matt on my left hip. I don't know what happened, but I lost my footing, and my legs went right out from under me. I thankfully instinctively moved Matt onto my front, and I kind of leaned to my right so if I didn't move him quite all the way the opposite side that he was on wouldn't get the brunt of the fall. We slid down a few steps too. Maybe 3 or 4. It freaking hurt! I scraped up my elbow really bad, and my back and my neck killed me for a few days. And poor Matt. I didn't quite get him moved all the way onto my front, so when we stopped sliding, I noticed that his right leg was kind of under me. Thank the Lord that I leaned to my right (since he was on my left). He cried, and gimped around on his poor little hurt leg for a couple of days. But there was no swelling, and he let me put pressure on his leg and move it in all directions, so I didn't worry too much. He's a champ, and was perfect in just a couple days time. Mommy was not ok in just a few days though. I was sore sore sore. Thank goodness that both Matt and the baby were ok. I didn't land anywhere on my stomach, and the baby kicked right away after the fall, so I knew that things were all good. And no cramping or bleeding or anything. That's about the only exciting thing that has happened to me lately. Other than that, I work one day a week, and I visit my parents a few days a week so I don't get too lonely.

I also can't believe that I'm almost 1/2 way done with this pregnancy! It feels like time is flying, and I'm missing out on it. With Matt, the pregnancy took forever it felt like. Not this time around. I have my Level 2 u/s on the 26th, and I'll be 21 weeks. I'll be finding out the sex, but since Leonard won't be with me, I'm going to ask the tech to write the sex down on a piece of paper and put the pic of the sex in an envelope. We'll open it together when he gets home for the weekend. But, don't tell my husband, but I'll probably cheat and peek and not tell him. ;) How could I not when I'll have the info right at my fingertips for a whole week and I'll be by myself, so no one to tell on me. I'll try to hold out, but we'll see.

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