Friday, January 23, 2009

20 Week Appointment

I love my Dr, she's so awesome. She's this neat little lady that, oh, is probably mid 50's or so. She has a son my age I guess, and is divorced. We obviously have come to know each other pretty well as far as Dr/patient relationships go. She was my Dr when I was pregnant with Matt, and she's also Matt's pediatrician. She's even given me her home phone number when Matt was sick, just so I could call her at home if I needed anything, or if I ended up having to take him to the hospital and she could just explain to whoever about Matt's situation at the time.

She wasn't able to be at my 16 week appointment since she was delivering a baby. So it was nice to have her at this appointment! Everything was good. I've only gained a pound in a month. I have no idea how I accomplished that one. My BP was a little high. But I guess it started out on the high side, and just hasn't gone down like most BP's do in the 2nd tri. So we'll be keeping an eye on my BP, since I did have high blood pressure with Matt at about 30 weeks. I'm measuring nice, I think a little ahead. Maybe it's normal for 2nd pregnancies to measure a little larger? I don't know. The babied heartbeat was fantastic. In about the mid 140's range. I remember Matt's being in the 150's, so hopefully that means it's a girl! (fingers crossed!) I have my ultrasound on Monday, so I'm super excited for that. I just have to remember to ask the tech to do a really good job measuring the babies jaw, just so we know if we're going to be dealing with another cleft palate. Matt's small jaw is what actually caused his cleft palate. It's called Pierre Robin Sequence, and we don't know if it's genetic in mine and Leonard's case. I'm praying that this baby will have a totally normal jaw. I also complained about these crappy headaches that I've been getting. Nothing will take care of them. Tylenol doesn't help, neither does eating or resting. They last all day too. So, she told me to try a cold or warm compress on my neck and head to see if that helps. If not, she'd prescribe me something for them. But I guess it's a class C drug, since they don't want me taking it in the 3rd tri. They've been finding that when the baby is born, that they baby has a hard time stabilizing it's blood sugar. We don't want that!

Poor Matt baby. He has another ear infection. He seems to get one every other month or so. He has a low grade fever Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday, it spiked up. I had it being 102 one time when I took his temp. He's barley eating anything since Saturday or Sunday. I should have recognized it, but he doesn't really tug or pull on his ears, so it's hard for me to tell when it's coming on. I thought that the fever and not eating were from getting his vaccines a few days before that. Anyways, I finally figured out yesterday that it was indeed an ear infection. His little ear has started to goop and puss has been coming out, thanks to his ear tubes. Hopefully it passes soon, and he gets back to his normal little happy self.

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