Monday, December 29, 2008

Whatnots and such

It's snowing snowing and snowing some more right now. So far, I bet we have about 3-4 ft of snow, and we're getting more! We usually get this much snow, but not all of it within a week. Usually by then end of February, we have this much. So it'll be interesting to see how much more we get. Meanwhile, I'm sitting here looking out the window and enjoying the beautiful snowflakes plummeting to the earth. Nope, it's not a gentle snow, it's coming down pretty good.

We all had a great Christmas. Spent time with family, ate a ton of good food and enjoyed ourselves. My aunt was down from Alaska, and it was wonderful getting to spend time with her before I don't see her again for who knows how many years. Hopefully only one or two because Leonard and I want to make it up there after the baby is born to visit and to hunt. We didn't go to overboard with Matt this year, since he's still little and has no idea that it's Christmas and all that. So he only got a few things. Some books and a few movies from us (Finding Nemo, Open Season, and A Chipmunk Adventure). He received clothes and toys from the rest of our families. My sister did get him this great Mickey Mouse bean bag chair. He loves it! He'll sit on it and read a book or bang on his new toy drum that he got. He'll even recline back into it to drink his milk. He's such a doll.

I also had my 16 week Dr. appt last Wednesday. My Dr was delivering a baby (how great to have a Christmas Eve baby!) So I got to see a man Dr who was very nice and also very young! He graduated high school a mere 9 yrs before I did. I've only put on 3 pounds of the 4 that I've lost since the beginning, so I'm still at -1 for weight gain. I measured at 17 weeks, so a week ahead, and we finally got to hear the heartbeat. Having a tilted uterus, I don't get to hear the heartbeat until a bit further on. I couldn't find my little hand held voice recorder thing, so I didn't get a recording of it. I'll have to look for it before my next appointment. I also got my big u/s scheduled. It's not until Jan 26th. It's seems so far away! I'm a bit bummed, since I'll be 21 weeks when I get it done. A full two weeks later than when I got my u/s with Matt. Darn! Maybe I'll call the u/s clinic and reschedule for sooner? I wonder if they do that? Maybe I'll just buck up and wait it out until the end of the month. I'm sad because Leonard won't be able to go this time. He's bummed too. Starting Jan 5th, he'll be working in Vancouver, Washington, and will only be home on the weekends. This will go on for a few months. I'm bummed for Matt, since he loves his daddy, and follows him around everywhere at home, and I'm bummed that he'll miss out on a good chunk of this pregnancy. Not that he'll mind. He's not a fan of pregnant women and their beautiful bellies. Speaking of bellies, I have a belly pic! I'll get it posted up after I'm done with this post.

A trainer here at the gym I work at just had a baby in the second week of December, and I haven't gotten to see her or her new baby yet. Well, she came in and I got to see him! He's so adorable, and makes me so excited to be able to meet my new baby and have a tiny newborn to care for and carry around.

Well, I'm going to go and post a belly pic up, and fold towels while I enjoy watching the snow.

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