Wednesday, July 2, 2008

First of all, I'd like to say Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! Congrats on celebrating 25 years of marriage.

Other news, we put an offer on a 3/4 acre lot yesterday! Well, kind of I guess. Leonard's sister Shawna is the realtor and the owner of the land; so of course she's going to accept our offer since she's the one that offered it to us. We went into her office and signed and initialed some papers, and now I have to call the mortgage company and talk to a certain lady. Hopefully we'll be building in no time and I'll get out of the shit house in 6 months or so. Who knows, maybe I'll go crazy and move in with my parents by then. I can't even imagine being in this place with a walking kid. There is no way that we could child proof this house. It is in no way safe for a new walker. Ugh. The stress levels are rising.

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Cate said...

That's good news! Hopefully you guys will be in a new place soon and it'll be wonderful. I hope you get in before winter hits!