Monday, June 23, 2008


We had a great weekend! Full of family,friends, water, sun and roughing it out in the woods. It was Matt's first camping trip, and I say that we were pretty brave taking him out a mere few days after his surgery. We had a rough night, and according to our friends who were in our camper with us, they are never going to have kids, he he. Poor Matt was up 3 times the first night we were there. I think coupled with a sore mouth and waking up to new surroundings kind of freaked him out. He did much better the second night and only woke up once.

I was also my first time wakeboarding in a year. I couldn't do it last year, as I was baby baking. It took me a few tries to get up, but I did. I crashed a few times also. Great fun. The water was freezing, but after you were in it for a few minutes, you got used to it of course. I wish that Leonard was on the boat and taking some pictures of me, but he was on land watching Matt while I played. Our dog Jack also thinks that he's a baby-sitter! As I was on the water, Matt played in his carseat, and Leonard said that as soon as I had left, Jack plopped himself right next to Matt and didn't move an inch the whole entire time I was gone. I always knew that he'd be a protector to Matt.

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