Monday, June 9, 2008

Big Weekend

Although the weather was crappy, we had a lot of fun! Leonard and I dropped Matt off at my parents so they could baby-sit, and we went to pick Morel Mushrooms at one of the sites of the recent forest fires that we had last summer. I hate mushrooms, but we had a blast tromping through the charred trees and wet grass looking for these mushrooms. We weren't aware that you had to have a permit to pick them for personal use, so thankfully some nice guy let us know that the Forest Service was behind us checking for permits. So we left before we could get caught. I was surprised at how much fun that I had. We are going to get a permit and go out next weekend I think.

Matt outgrew his Jumperoo. He was totally over it. He'd cry everytime I even tried to put him into it. So we took it apart and stored it at my parents house. Then we traded the Jumperoo for a walker! Matt LOVES his walker. It finally just clicked that he could walk in it and get into anything and everything. Before he'd walk just a little bit in it. But now he really goes! He's so adorable in it.

And, other exciting news, we got our first tooth! Leonard noticed it before I did. There is a slit in his bottom gum and you can just see the tooth. You can also feel it if you run your finger over his gum. It must still be tender, he really puts up a fight if you try to do it. The tooth explains why the little bugger wouldn't go to sleep the other day at all. And why he was so fussy. Poor sweetie. At least he feels better! He's actually sleeping right now, and has been sleeping for almost 2 hours. What a nice break for me.

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