Friday, June 6, 2008

The baby is sleeping.

I'm taking advantage of the precious time that I have right now to do a little blogging and get the dishes done. I think I'll blog first. I loathe doing dishes. Still raining here. We really needed the rain. Maybe it'll end this 7 yr drought we've been in. The snow pack is higher right now than it's been for a long time at this time of year, which is amazing since it is June. I'm waiting for the sun to shine and the weather to get up to the eighties so I can get Matt into his new baby pool that he hasn't been able to try out yet. Hopefully soon.

My poor brother. I feel so badly for him. His new wife is pulling all sorts of shit on him and is really messing with his head. Long story short, only have been married for 3 months, have known each other for a little over 4 months total, and he is in the AF, and she has just been discharged. She keeps saying how she doesn't want to go and see him (they are in different cities in TX), and how when he gets based in Utah, she wants to live with her parents and go back to the dating stage and not live with him. WTH is up with that? I wrote my brother a long message on his Myspace, just venting my frustrations out and letting him know how our whole family feels. He called me last night after he read my message and told me that they are going to work it out and that she's going to straighten up. We'll see. She supposedly was going to straighten up a few weeks ago when she first starting pulling this crap, and she just got worse.

Only twelve more days until Matt's surgery! The time goes by super fast when you have a big event coming up that you aren't really looking forward to. I'm excited to have the surgery done because then Matt will no longer have a cleft palate, and that means no more formula and food coming out of his nose. Poor little guy threw up last weekend and the majority of it came out of his nose. It must have really really burned. He cried for probably 20 minutes and was inconsolable. My poor sweetie. I'm also looking forward to his surgery because of the ear tubes being placed. It'll be interesting to see how it helps his hearing. He can hear, I just don't think his hearing is absolutley perfect. Maybe he'll start talking more. I'm hoping!
What I'm not looking forward to is the pain that he'll be in. After his first surgery, he couldn't eat anything for a day and a half. The hospital totally dehydrated him also. I think we used one or two diapers the whole entire time we were there. I think this time I'll let them know how dehydrated he got last time. It took a good two weeks to rehydrate him after that. Especially since he had such a hard time eating anything. I just wish that Leonard could go with us. He isn't able to get off of work for it. At least my mom will come down with me and stay in the hospital with me. Thank the Lord for moms!

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