Friday, September 5, 2008

Holy cow batman.

Internet was never turned on, pooh. Thankfully, I just happened to find an unsecured wireless connection that I was able to logon to. The connection is shoddy, but hey, it works!

Nothing new going on, same ol same ol. Just thought I'd update a bit.

Matt has learned a few new tricks. He can now click his tongue, which is huge for him. He was never able to play and experiment with his tongue as a newborn, since it was tethered. Now that it's free, he can play with it! I even saw a glimpse of it sticking out of his mouth for a fraction of a second yesterday. Hooray! You know when you go "ahhhhh", and you tap your hand over your mouth and it breaks up the noise? I don't know how to describe it. But Matt figured out how to do that all by himself. What a silly boy! Oh, and a gross thing that he has learned. He found the dog food, and he won't stay out of it. I've had to on an occasion fish a piece of food out of his mouth. Then the little goof graced me with dog breath for the next hour courtesy of the dog food. Gross.

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